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Ingredient Benefits
Ingredient Benefits
An easy and convenient way
to mix fresh food nutrition into any meal.

The Secret to the Best Dog Food Recipes

Know what's in your pet's food and discover the benefits of whole-food ingredients, essential vitamins, minerals and oils.

Founded with the belief that pets are family, we at Underdog are committed to giving pets a vibrant and high quality of life by providing them with natural, wholesome foods.

Our dog food recipes have been scientifically crafted by experts in canine nutrition, to be tasty, nutritious, and easily digestible. They also supply optimum levels of essential vitamins, minerals and omega 3s, suitable for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes.

With these convenient, ready-to-eat meals, simply thaw, serve, and rest assured that you’re feeding your beloved pets the very best.


Ranch Raised Lamb

  • Grass-fed lamb
  • High-quality protein and essential amino acids for energy and muscle growth.
  • Great source of B-Group vitamins, including riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.
  • These vitamins are essential for proper nervous system function in dogs and cats.
  • Contains heme iron as opposed to non-heme iron found in plants.
  • Heme iron is more absorbable and more nutritionally beneficial to dogs and cats.
  • Significant spurce of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, cognitive function, heart health, joint function.
  • Contains CLA, or linoleic acid, which assists with weight loss and improve muscle function.

Pasture Raised Beef

  • Rich in iron and zinc.
  • Builds lean muscle mass.
  • High in vitamins B12 and B6, riboflavin and thiamine.
  • Also contains linoleic acid, which studies have shown may help prevent cancer.

Atlantic Salmon (Farmed)

  • Provides easily digestible protein and essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.
  • Supports tissue repair, muscle growth, joint health, strong bones and teeth.
  • Nourishes brain and vision development.
  • Helps maintain healthy skin and glossy coats.
  • Minimises free radical damage in dogs and cats.

Pasteurized Egg

  • High in choline, which aids in brain and liver function.
  • Great source of highly digestible protein, riboflavin, choline, iron, Vitamin D and selenium.
  • High in Vitamin B7, biotin, for a healthy coat.


  • Lean pork is high in protein and low in saturated fat.
  • Good source of zinc and vitamins B12 and B6.
  • Rich in amino acids, thiamine, selenium, zinc, niacin, phosphorus and iron.


  • Antibiotic & hormone free chicken
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy bones & joints
  • Balanced with omega 3 fatty acids to reduce inflammatory markers

Vegetables & Fruits


  • Anti-inflammatory and good source of antioxidants.
  • Helps with liver detoxification.
  • High in vitamins A, C and K.
  • Contains lutein which helps eye health.
  • Contains calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.


  • Rich in vitamin C, beta carotene, folic acid, calcium and fibre
  • Contains anti-carcinogenic phytochemicals such as beta carotene, including over 33 anti-cancer compounds.

Baby Spinach

  • Rich in iron, vitamins A,B,C and K.
  • Prevents anaemia and enhances blood circulation.


  • Good source of vitamin A, C, potassium, magnesium, and fiber.
  • High content of Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory and provides antioxidants.


  • High in fibre and low in fat and calories.
  • Good source of vitamins A, C, E and K.
  • Contains iron, potassium and manganese.
  • Antioxidant rich which can help neutralize free radicals to fight cancer.
  • Has been shown to improve vision.

Pumpkin Seed

  • Non GMO.
  • High in vitamin E.
  • High in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants.
  • Rich in iron. Contains copper, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, folic acid and niacin.
  • Cucurbitin beneficial as a deworming agent.
  • Great for healthy skin and promotes softer fur coat.

Brazil Nut

  • Non GMO.
  • High in essential trace mineral, selenium.
  • Selenium is necessary for normal functioning of the immune system and thyroid gland.


Cod Liver Oil

  • Sourced from wild-caught Norwegian Arctic Cod.
  • Natural source of Vitamin D
  • High concentration of omega 3s,EPA and DHA.
  • Supports heart, brain, vision and joint health.
  • Reduces inflammation related to arthritis.
  • Free from persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and heavy metals.

Flaxseed Oil

  • USDA QAI organic, cold-pressed, unrefined.
  • Rich source of alpha linolenic acid
  • Contains lignans which help cardiovascular health and may help prevent cancer.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties which can help arthritis, reduce blood pressure, improve kidney health and improve skin condition.

Walnut Oil

  • Cold-pressed and unrefined.
  • Source of linoleic acid, an essential omega 6 fatty acid.
  • Supports skin and coat health.
  • Produced from fresh Australian grown walnuts

Botanicals & Supplements

Sea Kelp

  • Non GMO.
  • Contains over 60 minerals such as zinc, iodine, magnesium, potassium, copper and calcium.
  • Rich in iodine, supports healthy thyroid function.
  • Good source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E and amino acids.
  • Studies have shown it helps reduce dental plague in dogs.
  • Improves skin conditions and reduces itchiness.

Bonemeal Powder

  • Excellent source of calcium, phosphorus and other trace minerals.
  • Calcium in bone meal occurs as a natural calcium phosphate compound known as hydroxyapatite.
  • Naturally derived from cattle raised in USA.
  • Calcium helps build and maintain strong teeth, bones and joints.
  • Beneficial in nutrient absorption, assists in digestion and has been known to ease gas and diarrhea.
  • Tested for heavy metals such as lead and aluminum to assure the lowest levels possible.

Ground Ceylon Cinnamon

  • Fair trade certified USDA QAI Organic.
  • Non irradiated.
  • May improve brain function.
  • Helps to regulate blood sugar.
  • Anti-fungal properties helps stave off yeast infections.
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which may help with arthritis, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Ground Turmeric Root

  • Fair trade certified USDA QAI Organic.
  • Non irradiated.
  • Curcumin stimulates bile production in the liver, which aids in digesting food by breaking down dietary fats.
  • Anti-inflammatory, which may help with arthritis and stiff joints.

Ground Ginger

  • USDA QAI Organic.
  • Non irradiated.
  • Boosts immune system and anti-inflammatory properties.

Zinc Picolinate

  • Necessary for proper immune system function and support in dogs and cats.
  • Contributes to a healthy skin and coat.
  • Aids in the metabolism of carbohydrate, fat, and protein.
  • Necessary for maintaining cell membrane integrity.


  • Full range amino acid chelate for superior absorption.
  • Helps form connective tissue, collagen, and myelin, which coats and protects nerves.
  • Necessary for your pet’s dietary iron absorption, red blood cell formation, fur growth, and normal bone development.


  • Major source of the protein hemoglobin, which transports oxygen through your pet’s bloodstream


  • Important for nutrient metabolism, nervous system function, and normal bone development.

Sea Salt

  • good source of essential minerals sodium and chloride.
  • regulate proper blood pH levels, water balance, and nerve and kidney functions.
  • While low-sodium diets are popular among humans with health concerns, healthy dogs need varying levels of sodium. Underdog food is 100% complete and balanced, containing the optimal level of minerals for a dog’s nutritional wellness.

Probiotic Ganeden BC30

  • Strain: Bacillus Coagulans
  • Ability to survive stomach acids
  • Ability to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Regulates digestion and supports immune system


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